Kris Nock started playing trumpet at the age of 8 in a Bristol based marching band, and continued to perform with them over the span of 12 years, winning numerous National and European Championship titles. During this period, Kris also performed with Vintage Percussion, an Indoor Percussion Ensemble from Bristol UK, and taught as a brass instructor for a local marching band for 7 years. Kris also studied trumpet under John Watkeys in this time.

In 2013, Kris joined the staff roster at Lanesfield BBGB Drum and Bugle Corps, Wolverhampton, as a brass instructor, tasked with ensuring a smooth transition from valveless bugles to valved Bb instruments which subsequently resulted in Kris writing the seasons warm up and show brass book, advising the conductor, and bringing the corps into the forefront of social media.

Kris made the decision to return to marching in 2014, and joined the 2014 Kidsgrove Scouts Drum Corps, Stoke-On-Trent, playing trumpet for their show ‘Miss Saigon’, winning the Drum Corps United Kingdom Championship title, and placing second in the Drum Corps Europe Championships in Holland. Kris also participated in the successful World Record Attempt for the Longest Fanfare Line using Valved Instrumentation in September 2014.

More recently, Kris has returned to education, and is currently studying for his bachelors degree in Music at Bath Spa University after studying abroad at Montana State University Billings as part of the degree where he gained a 4.0GPA, a place on the honor roll, and performed with musicians such as LA trumpeter Ron Blake, and grammy nominated commercial recording artist Wayne Bergeron.

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