Molly – Professional Singer

Molly is a professional singer bookings subject to availability for Weddings Functions, Corporate Events
Molly has also works as a session singer. The projects she has been involved in are the voice of Barbie, to singing for critically acclaimed Lack Of Afro on a track used for popular US series CSI. Molly has the ability to be able to know what style is needed to enhance the track, whether it be a soft jazzy tone or powerful soulful vocals. She is also able to quickly come up with interesting melody lines and harmonies, and is able to improvise which makes her an asset during the writing process or if called up last minute.
Fighter Mix attached – Lead vocals for – Title sequence for CBCs popular series Frankie Drake.
Barbie commercial attached – Voice of Barbie.
Higher attached – Critically acclaimed music producer Lack Of Afro’s track used in popular US series CSI.