“Before starting piano lessons with Gemma at the age of 10 I didn’t know a thing about music, but Gemma has successfully taught me everything I needed to know about how to play the piano to a very high standard, as she herself is an outstanding classical pianist and musician.
Gemma managed to help me achieve a grade 5 in music which i couldn’t have done without her! She has very good methods of teaching which helps you understand not just how to read music, but how to play the piano properly (such as posture and finger techniques). I would recommend Gemma to anyone for lessons who wants to learn from scratch or even if you know a bit already.”

Chris Kirk, 23 – Student for 7 years

“Gemma was my piano teacher for 9 years. Starting at the age of 6, her patience, enthusiasm and motivation for the instrument has allowed me to enter music festivals, perform to the public and helped me achieve Grade 5 standard in both practice and theory. She is a very relaxed, yet conscientious teacher who clearly shows her passion for music in her teaching and is always happy to give help and experiences.”

Leanne Kirk, 19

“You were great with Amelia you have a real gift”

Fiona Mu aged 13 ” Playing the piano is a great instrument to learn! I play the piano because its something I want to be proud of in the future. Its also something my friends are “wow” about and I am proud of myself for my achievement and knowing how to play the piano. It gives me a lot of confidence performing at school and in front of the class. This means that in music lessons youre ahead of the class because you know how to play the piano already!”

Kyra Mu aged 10

This is what my students wrote today:an 8 year old: why I like playing the piano: “it’s fun and enjoyable, a good knowledge to know how to play the piano something to be proud of. If you play the piano you could become a talented musician Scientists say its one of the most commonest instruments you could ever play. No one could be as talented as you can play the piano and get your grades. When you are older you could be a piano teacher, a famous musician and much much more. Others must agree that youve got the power to play the piano and the time has come”

“Gemma’s easy to get on with and has a lot of patience. I’ve been her student for a few weeks now and am really happy with the progress I’ve made. There’s a lot of flexibility in that she keeps things focused and structured whilst respecting the direction I want to go in. I’m having fun and looking forward to learning more from her.” Ian, 31.
“You are really great with Anson”.